The Horses Make Miracles Foundation

  The Horses Make Miracles Foundation (formerly The Mustang Center) provides programs that promote growth and positive change in youth, adults and families.

Whether you're a horse novice or expert, our programs offer unique, challenging, safe and enjoyable experiences.
Join us for inspiring, engaging and fun classes
or for individual or group therapy!



  • We're here for anyone interested in Equine Assisted Therapy, Equine Assisted Learning, Riding Lessons, Horsemanship, and Coaching and Healing.
  • We can help you find a horse or pony with whom you can pursue your dream of riding in western or english disciplines from stock seat, hunt seat and dressage to trail riding.
  • We offer horse education and riding lessons to all ages and abilities.
  • Our apprenticeships and internships provide in-depth training in human-horse relationships.

In 2007 The Mustang Center began with the mission of rescuing wild horses, providing a safe haven and integrating them to help humans realize their potential.  That goal was met our first year with each wild mustang who had been rescued finding his or her own loving human.

Today, The Horses Make Miracles Foundation (formerly The Mustang Center) still supports awareness, appreciation and adoption of mustangs. Descendants of horses the Conquistadors brought to North America centuries ago, these living legends excel in equine disciplines ranging from dressage and trail riding to ranch work. Long esteemed by tribal Americans, mustangs are resourceful and perceptive, smart and loyal.

Every year, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management removes thousands of wild mustangs from public properties throughout the West. Many languish in halfway houses because potential adopters don’t have easy access to them or aren’t aware of their availability and their gifts. In Colorado, for example, the BLM offers viewings of adoptable mustangs twice monthly at a prison in Canon City. For security reasons, only a few people are cleared to visit during each session. Because of this and because the facility is far from any population center, many potential adopters miss the opportunity to meet mustangs.